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Escape Mask - NBC

escape mask

A personal emergency device for short-term respiratory protection during escape from an area of low concentration of chemical or biological agents


  • Pocket-size: Approx (package) dimensions: 19x15x4 cm Weight = 200 grams
  • Dons within seconds. No adjustment straps.
  • One size fits all.
  • Strong, fire-resistant, elastic rubber hood, protects the entire head and seals comfortably at the neck.
  • Large visor, made of flame-retardant transparent film, allows a wide field of view.
  • High-efficiency, electrostatic particle filter, with extremely low pressure-drop to allow easy breathing.
  • Layers of activated charcoal with special impregnation to absorb toxic gases.
  • A unique breathing device (patent pending) enables rapid exhalation and improves the physiological conditions for the user,
  • preventing built-up of heat or vapor inside the mask.
  • Available in two colors: yellow and black.

escape mask


Special Polychloroprene Latex Compound
Elongation at break: > 700%
Tensile strength: > 150 kg/cm²
Temperature resistance: 200°C
Fire-resistant to the requirements of NFPA 701


ETFE film - a copolymer of Polytetrafluorethylene with Ethylene monomer.

Tensile strength: 50N/mm²
Elongation at break: 450%
Tear resistance: 500 N/mm
Temperature resistance: 150°C
Flame retardant : UL 94 V-O
Light transmission: > 95%

Breathing Device : A device combining two valves for exhalation + a soft mouthpiece, all in one unit.

Filter Assembly: Multi-Layer filter includes the following:

External polyester screen, fire resistant to the requirements of NFPA 701
Electrostatic + melt blown combination high efficiency particle filter (HEPA)
Layers of activated charcoal cloth with a special impregnation against acid gases
Soft inner pad of non-woven material

Filter Performance

ChemicalConcentration (mg/m3)Flow Rate (Liter/min)Breakthrough Time (minutes)
Cyanogen Chloride (CK)10030> 15
Dimethyl Methyl Phosphonate (DMMP)25030> 15
AerosolFilter Efficiency (%)Air Flow Resistance (Pa)Flow Rate (Liters/min)
NaCI (salt)99.9711795