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Chemical Mask - Smoke

chemical escape mask

A personal respiratory protective device with visor, hood and built-in filter for escape from fire. Protects against smoke and CO (Carbon Monoxide) inhalation. Complies with European Standard EN-403.


  • Easy to use. Dons within seconds. No adjustment straps.
  • One size fits all.
  • Strong, fire-resistant, elastic rubber hood, protects the entire head and seals comfortably at the neck.
  • Large visor, made of flame retardant transparent film, allows a wide field of view.
  • Unique breathing device (patent pending), enables rapid exhalation and improves the physiological conditions for the user, limiting build-up of heat or vapor inside the mask.
  • A filtration unit containing low pressure electrostatic particle filter, impregnated charcoal cloth layers to absorb toxic gases and catalyst for Carbon Monoxide Oxidation.




Breathing Device: A device combining two valves for exhalation and inhalation + a soft mouthpiece, all in one unit.

Filter assembly: Two canisters containing electrostatic particle filter, layers of impregnated activated charcoal cloth, catalyst and Desiccant


Test Gas Gas concentration (ml/m3) Flow rate (l/min) Breakthrough criteria (EN 403) Breakthrough time
Propenal (Acrolein) 100 30 > 15 min (at 0.5 ml/m³) 20 min
Hydrogen Chloride(HCI) 1000 30 > 15 min (at 5 ml/m³) > 15 min
Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) 400 30 > 15 min (at 10 ml/m³) > 15 min
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 10,000 30 Total amount of CO penetrated during 15 min < 200 ml 33 ml during 15 min

TestRequirement (EN 403)Test results
Particle filter penetration < 6% < 1.3%
Inhalation resistance< 8 mbar3.6 mbar
Exhalation resistance< 3 mbar1.1 mbar
C02 content of inhalation air< 2.0%< 1.9%
Protection factor> 50> 50