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4 fold military stretcher c/w backpack for combat carry

Stretcher Stretcher Stretcher


The ultimate combat rescue stretcher primarily aimed at the patrol medic (but extremely useful for other users where weight or space restrictions are a consideration). The stretcher is extremely light but has a very significant load carry capacity and is extremely compact but can be deployed in seconds to aid an immediate CASEVAC.

Weighting only 5.5 kg, it folds 4 ways (i.e 1 * crosswise + 3 * lengthwise) to 50 cm (19.7 ins) in height, so that it slips neatly into a backpack case for easy carriage.


length50 cm200 cm
Width27 cm55 cm
Height9 cm13 cm
Weight5.5 kg5.5 kg

Coating:2 Sided PVC
Fabric Weight gm/sqm:610 gms
Fabric Width:150 cms
Water Penetration:No Water Penetration

Aluminium tubesWe offer 2+3 mm aluminium tubes. The 2 mm tubes have a load carry capacity of 150 kg, but with the extra strengthening (i.e. 3mm tubing) to the working parts, the load capacity of the 2+3 mm is 350 kg