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Tactical Performance Polo - 24/7 Series

  • unisex fit
  • fully functional / active fit
  • 60% combed cotton face side/40% polyester single pique
  • plaited knit technology (face side cotton/back side polyester)
  • open knit construction for better air circulation / breathability
  • next-to-skin fotened interior finish
  • mrt™ (moisture release transfer) process is applied
  • compacted yarns for superior shrinkage control
  • doubled dyed with ciba(swiss) fn technology dyestuffs for cotton
  • dystar premium polyester dyestuffs for polyester
  • knit polo, with partial front opening (three button placket)
  • hemmed cuff
  • open sleeve for more mobility / comfort
  • undarm gussett for more mobility
  • placket microphone loop
  • wearers left sleeve beesom pocket
  • buttons are breakage dtm melamine button - 20 line
  • 4 hole buttons with x-stitch assembly
  • poly core / poly wrap thread
  • double needle lap stitching on shoulder, gussett, and armhole for increased durability
  • 12 spi stitching allover
  • special jacquard knitted collar
  • "no curl" collar stay
  • inside neck locker loop
Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt array

PLAITING PROCESS: A yarn feed finter for use on circular Links and Links knitting apparatus for the manufacture of plaited fabric. The finger has a generally elongated, rectangular-shaped flat body having a pair of eyelets located thereon in a side-by-side disposition and which are slightly offset from each other. The finger is adapted for pivotal movement into and out of active position with the needles of the apparatus and to direct through the eyelets simultaneously in parallel with each other and at different angles of approach to the needles to feed at least two yarns to the needles to produce a plaited fabric in which one yarn is visible on one side of the fabric, and another yarn is visible on the other side.

MOISTURE RELEASE TRANSFER (MRT™): This is a chemical application specifically designed to release, and manage moisture away from skin to the face side fabric where is evaporates. This chemical application is applied in a tenterframe, waterbath environment, where it is molecularly bonded to the polyester yarns through properly controlled heat setting.